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Ual United intranet is nothing but a private communications network created using world wide web software for united airlines employees. The company uses this portal for developing a better communication between their employees and company. By logging in to the united airlines intranet portal, you can check united employee w2, ual employee benefits, etc.

Flying Together united airlines company will monitor their employee work progress through this portal. Ual employees can check out their additional perks such as discount rates on travel tickets, paid time off, volunteer opportunities and a lot more. Check out a detailed post on flying together ual employee benefits for more information.

What all you need to login to united airlines intranet portal?

  1. Your uID or Username – All the united airlines user id’s begin with either U, N, V, or I.
  2. Secure password for your account – The one you use for logging in to the portal every time.

If you are a legacy continental co-worker, you should no longer use your legacy ID.

All the new employees must contact their HD administrator for login details such as uID and Password. If you know your login details already, you can go ahead and log in to the portal right away.

How To Login To Flyingtogether.Ual.Com Intranet Portal?

  • Access the official portal of united airlines by visiting https://flyingtogether.ual.com.
  • You can use any web browser to open that url either on your phone or personal computer.
  • Enter your uID/Username and Password in respective boxes that you see on the login page.
  • Tap “Login” button to log into the united intranet portal where you can manage your work profile, get employee benefits information, etc.

Being an employee of united airlines, you can login to the united intranet portal anytime with proper login credentials. You may see that the url flyingtogether.ual.com redirecting to login.ual.com but don’t panic, there is nothing wrong in it.

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As we have mentioned earlier, you can readily login to the portal if you have your uID and Password. But what if you don’t remember either of them? there is no other way but resetting the password.

How Do I Recover My United Intranet Flying Together Password?

If you are unable to login to your united airlines intranet portal, either your uID or Password is wrong. uID cannot be changed once it is assigned to you by an administrator but a password can be changed. The tips shared below will help you recover your password but if you are not sure about your username, contact the administrator.

  • Open United Airlines intranet login portal on your laptop or smartphone.
  • If you are not sure about the url, here it is: https://login.ual.com/oamsso-bin/login.pl?
  • Try to login with your uID/Username and Password and see if you can login or still have any issues with the login.

united intranet login

  • Tap “Password Help” to get into the region where you can deal with your forgot password.
  • You may see a message as shown below if you haven’t entered your login credentials to recover the forgot password.

flyingtogether forgot password

  • So, fill in your username (Employee ID) and then it “Password Help” option.
  • You will probably receive an email containing the instructions to reset flying together united airlines password.

Go through the instructions that you have received via email to successfully restore/recover your ual employee password. You can now login or reset the password of your employee account from the smartphone conveniently at mobileres.ual.com or by using the mobile app.

If you are a non-united pass rider, you can check out the details to reset your passrider password.

United Airlines Intranet Login Problems

Sometimes, you may not be able to log in to your ual united intranet account even though you are sure about your uID and Password. In such cases, cross checking various things mentioned below will help you get over the issue.

1. Check Your Internet Connection – It is highly suggested to check your internet connection because a weaker internet connection may not load the portal page properly. So, switch the internet connection and try to log in to the portal again.

2. Flyingtogether.Ual.Com is Down – Sometimes, the ual employee portal may not load even if you have changed the internet connection. So, checking if https://flyingtogether.ual.com is actually down or working properly by visiting the url https://isitdownorjust.me/flyingtogether-ual-com/ on your phone or pc.

3. Case-Sensitive – Passwords are case sensitive by default. So, you need to type the password carefully and cross checking if the CAPS LOCK is on is a must. Turn off the caps lock on your pc or phone if it is activated and type the password from the beginning to test things.

4. Don’t Copy and Paste Login Details – Saving usernames and passwords in a sheet or email is a good idea because we may forget the login information eventually. So if you have copied and pasted your login details from a sheet or email, make sure that there is no SPACE involved. It’s better to type on your own rather than copying and pasting.

In some other cases, you may have entered united mileageplus login details but you need to understand that they both are not same. If you are not sure what causing your the login problem, you can contact the IT Service Desk: 800-255-5801, 847-700-5800 for further help.

Comment below if you have a login problem which is not yet resolved, we will try our best in helping you.

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