How To View Flying Together Ual Employee Payroll Info

Your united airlines payroll information is now available at the portal in electronic format. Previously there is no online portal to get your paystub information but in 2011, the company have come up with united skynet portal where all the employees can login and view they payslips and everything related to it.

Later, united airlines have improved the employee interface and added a bunch of new opportunities to the portal. All the employees can now get their wage information, w2 tax form information and employee benefits, etc.

Whatever information you see on your payslip will contain both pay advice and statement of your earnings. So, if you are a current employee of united airlines, follow these simple steps to view your payroll information online.

How To Get Ual Employee Payroll, Payslips Online

There is no other portal to rely on, except the flying together united airlines portal. Here is a detailed guide to login to united intranet employee portal. Because, you cannot view your paystub info without logging in.

  • Open the united flying together skynet portal on either on your phone or pc/laptop.
  • You may use the the url, to open up the login portal on your device.
  • Enter your username and password and then hit “Login” option to log into the united skynet portal.
  • Now, go to “Employee Services” under quick links option inside the employee dashboard.
  • Hit “My Pay Information” option which is available under the employee services menu.
  • Now, you will be landed on the ual employee payroll portal. There you can see various options such as “Paychecks”, “Pass Travel Charge Details”, “Statement of Earnings”, etc. On the same portal, you can view your electronic ual w2 info as well.

united airlines payroll

  • Hit “Pay Checks” option to view your paychecks with complete details.

How To Add United Airlines My Pay Information to Favorites

It’s a hectic task to always search for the right option to get details and it’s too way difficult at times when you are in a hurry. So, to avoid such a confusion, you may add your payroll tab to your favorites list. So, whenever you log in to the portal, you will be able to see My Pay Information under favorites.

  • Firstly, login to the flying together skynet employee portal with your login credentials.
  • Navigate to employee services and then to my pay information.
  • Once you are landed on my pay information page successfully, let the page gets loaded fully.

flying together paystub

  • Hit “Add To Favorites” option which is available at the bottom of the screen. You may consider checking the image attached above.
  • Once you are done with that option, you will be able to see that My Pay Information link is available under “My Favorites”.

So, whenever you want to view your flying together paystub information, you can simply login in and go to my pay information directly from the favorites section.

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United Airlines Employee Payroll Phone Number & E-Mail ID

If you have any trouble accessing your payroll information or you have anything to discuss with the management, regarding your paystub, feel free to contact them anytime.

Toll Free Phone Numbers – 847-700-6997, 1-866-825-7297

Support Email ID –

Feel free to comment below if you still have any doubts regarding your ual employee payslips information.

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