How To Get & Use United Airlines Buddy Passes?

United Airlines Buddy Passes are complimentary passes (tickets) given to their employees and their family. Buddy pass is a great benefit for all the united airlines employees since they can make use of the opportunity to travel to different locations on standby basis.

Standby tickets (or) Buddy Passes are nothing but the tickets with no seating guaranteed. Moreover, united airlines employees whoever have got buddy passes must not resale them for their personal profit. But the employees or his/her family can use them to travel to their favorite locations.

united airlines buddy pass

There are several disadvantages along with the positives, let’s discuss them in this article today.

Who Can Get Flying Together United Airlines Buddy Passes?

All the active (or) current employees of flying together united airlines can get these buddy passes. It is clearly stated by the company that they will not provide the buddy passes for retired employees in any case. So, if you are a current employee of the company, you can get the buddy passes of up to 12 per year.

You (current employee) will only be able to get the buddy passes whenever you book a flight ticket to your family member. So, you cannot direct get the buddy passes until and unless you buy tickets for yourself or your family or friends.

Benefits of UAL Buddy Passes

Buddy passes are given to all the current employees of the company (united airlines) without any ticketing charges. We have also mentioned few other benefits of the buddy passes right below.

  • Buddy passes are given to ual employees without charging them for booking a flight ticket, no matter whether it is international or domestic.
  • If there is any vacancy in the flight’s business class or economic or first class, buddy passes can be upgraded to them without charging anything extra.
  • Ual employees have the freedom to choose a travel date for the buddy pass while before booking the pass.
  • United airlines employees and his/her family or friends can travel to their favorite destinations for free.
  • You will have total flexibility on your buddy passes because you are the owner but you cannot sell them in any case.

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Disadvantages & Rules of United Airlines Buddy Passes

There are a couple of disadvantages with ual buddy passes. Consider checking them because you must know what are they.

  • Buddy pass is nothing but a travel ticket with unguaranteed seat for the rider.
  • Riders with buddy passes have to wait for the boarding passes because the priority for a buddy pass is very less.
  • An employee or his family member or a friend who uses the buddy pass must follow the employee dress code.
  • The person who uses the buddy pass must pay the taxes and booking fees of the ticket.
  • Whenever a buddy (the person who uses buddy pass) is reported for any kind of abuse, you are the person who is responsible for that.
  • Buddy passes are only available for current employees but retired employees cannot get the passes and they cannot even use those passes as a buddy.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of United Buddy Passes

Since the buddy passes are non-revenue, they won’t get an opportunity if the flight is booked completely. In such a case, buddy has to wait for the next flight and even then there is no guarantee. If you have ever faced such a situation, following the tips mentioned below will help you next time.

  • Avoid travelling on weekends such as Saturday, Sunday and festival days such as Christmas, Labor Day, Independence Day, etc.
  • Try to catch an early morning flight or a flight that starts in the late nights because, afternoon times are usually high crowded times. We are not sure every afternoon will be high crowded but when you compare with the early morning, late night flights, it’s better to avoid afternoon timings since you are about to travel with a buddy pass.
  • Don’t forget that you are representing the united airlines employee who offered you a buddy pass. So, it’s your job to be polite and avoid issues with the staff in the airport and in the flight as well.
  • Make sure to reach the airport on time and avoid any kind of late arrivals to the airport at any cost.
  • Being a ual buddy, you must have to follow the dress code, shoe and other formalities without a miss.
  • Don’t mess up with the confirmation code because it will drag you down the order and it’s not a good sign for the one who offered you a buddy pass.
  • Please wait until your name appears on display board at the boarding gate. Try to go ahead only when you name is called by a boarding agent at the gate because it’s your responsibility to follow the priority rules of the ticket that you are using.

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We hope you have got a clear idea how you can get a united airlines buddy pass and how to use it for your next travel. Feel free to comment below if you have any doubts regarding the buddy passes.

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  1. I am trying to change my buddy pass list. Removing the current name and adding two other names to the listed names. How does this process work?
    I am a retired pilot, ID 143**3. How should I go about this process. Ph: 850-2*1-**27

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