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United Airlines offers a bunch of employee benefits to all its current and former employees (retirees). In most of the cases, the ual employee benefits might not be same for current employees and retired employees. Have a look at this article and go through all the employee benefits that we have mentioned below.

Flying Together United Airlines employees will get financial benefits, health benefits in combination with few mind blowing perks additionally.

Flying Together UAL Employee Benefits

All the employees of united airlines will get a combination of health care benefits, savings and investments and travel benefits. Additionally, you will be getting handful of perks such as wellness programs, volunteer opportunities, profit sharing & bonuses, etc. Check out the list of united employee benefits that you are going to enjoy.

  • 401k
  • Pension
  • Retirement, Retiree
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical, Vision, Dental, IRA
  • Competitive Base Pay, Quarterly Bonus
  • Paid Time Off
  • Weekly Pay
  • Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Short-term and Long-term Disability
  • Paid Family Medical Leave
  • Bereavement
  • Parental Leave, Accidental Insurance, Critical illness insurance
  • Company paid retirement benefit, Employee stock purchase plan

Few Additional Perks:

  • Travel benefits such as standby tickets known as united airlines buddy passes and discount rates on airline tickets.
  • Paid Time Off – comes under human resource management where all the employee will be given certain hours of leave. Company will pay salaries for that paid time off of the ual employees and they can use those hours for any purpose.
  • Professional development encouragement
  • Social Clubs
  • Business Resource Groups (BRGs) – check more information about brg’s from wikipedia.

Now you can manage all your flying together employee benefits at yourbenefitsresources portal which can be accessed using the web address https://www.ybr.com/united.

You will also be able to check all your the ual employee rewards in the same portal. We have tried our best to mention the list of united employee benefits but you many now log in to the portal to manage the benefits.

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United YourBenefitsResources Login – For Current Employees

  • Open yourbenefitsresources portal on your smartphone or pc/laptop.
  • You can use the web address, https://www.ybr.com/united to open up the portal on your device.
  • Don’t worry if the url that you have opened up takes you to the landing page with a different url because the login portal is now integrated with alight pvt ltd company. Otherwise, you can check follow the instructions for flyingtogether login where you can manage your employee benefits.
  • The landing page of ual benefits portal will look like what we have shown in the image below.

united airlines yourbenefitsresources

  • Enter the uID/Username of your united airlines employee profile.
  • Enter the password of your profile and hit “Log On” button to get into the dashboard of your ual benefits portal.

In case if you are looking for managing the united pass rider’s information, you can check out the detailed guide that we have written on United Employee RES Portal.

United Your Benefits Resources Register – For A New User

If you a new user of united airlines and still don’t have an account at yourbenefits.com portal, you can register a new account now.

  • Tap “Are you a new user?” option which is right below the login button on the official portal page.

new user registration at flying together employee benefits portal

  • Upon clicking on that option will take you to a registration page of the portal.

register ual benefits portal

  • Enter your personal identification number (4 digits of your SSN) which is also known as the social security number.
  • Choose your date of birth and hit “Continue” button to move forward in the new user registration process.

Follow few on-screen instructions to wrap up the registration process. Once you have registered in the portal, you will receive a confirmation email containing the login details.

Now, you can log in to the flying together benefits portal to manage your employee benefits. Consider reading the informative article about how to get united airlines buddy passes from your employee portal.

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